Our Story

Inverted Turtle


Hey, firstly thanks for stopping by.

Inverted Turtle is a small idea turned into a concept. We wanted to make a cool new relevant, British fashion brand.

Initially we wanted to produce a great brand that produces cool tees and gives back to a charity to help save the Sea Turtle, Elephants and even bees. Any endangered species is worth saving right.

So, we decided to donate to a charity every time we sell a t-shirt. Along the way we realized we could not only donate we could also be ethical by using only Organic Cotton for our products.

We carry a British sense of style, as well as feeling for fairness. Born in a small Town from the South of the United Kingdom in a little place called....... Gosport


We spent a long time creating the brand, finding our catchy name and researching great materials.

Over time we will have a great collection of designs and contribute more to charity, but for now we remain very small and always committed.

Protecting Turtles is a huge motivation behind the Inverted Turtle brand, and something which we can all get behind. We don't only want to provide an injection of quality to the UK fashion scene, we also want to make a difference to the world in which we live, and specifically the wildlife which forms a key reason as to why it is such a beautiful place.

Every wearer/customer of an Inverted Turtle t-shirt is part of this brilliant cause and a brave enough to start a new trend! This is only the start, as time goes by we aim to increase the £1 donation level and support this wonderful cause further, at no extra expense to you. Come with us on this journey, and let the world know you are part of the Inverted Turtle family.


Grab yourself a guilt free tee and become fashion starter for once :)


Thank you

Director - Inverted Turtle

Gosport. United Kingdom